Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Forget the missed chip shot FG....And that blocked punt? A critical error, but offset by Nevin McKensie's interception for a TD. If you're looking for a place to lame the blame for this season opening dud, lay it at the feet of the coaching staff...including new offensive coordinator Dave Clawson. A veteran line....two stud backs. Pound the Rock. I guess it's just lip service. In a tight game that UT is leading throughout, they should NEVER throw more than run the ball. 34 running plays for nearly 200 yards. 5.2 a pop. So why not run it 50 times. Can't do that? Why not? Alabama did and stole Clemson's manhood in the process. UT needed to do the same. Don't make Jonathan Crompton throw it 42 times...he's not that guy! And for the record, every time UT dropped back to pass was good for 4.5 yards a play. Do the math...this isn't rocket science.
Norm Chow made the adjustments; Rick Neuhiesel settled his team...and his boys played with passion. And speaking of the blocked punt, why do Special Teams coordinators feel the need to ticker with punt protection? 5 guys with 2' splits, 2 wings, 2 flyers and a personal protector. It has worked forever, every NFL team uses it, stop jerking with it. This was a total team collapse and it begins with the guys in the khaki slacks...