Sunday, October 12, 2008

Big 12 v. SEC?

Is it time to open a discussion on whether the Big 12 has passed the SEC as the premier college football conference in the land? When Texas beat conference foe Oklahoma, the Longhorns vaulted Alabama into the number 1 slot. With Texas Tech, Oklahoma St. and Missouri joining OU and Texas nearly half of the top 11 teams in the nation are out of the Big 12. The SEC has 3 in the top 9, and 5 in the top 25. Kansas gives the Big 12 it's 6th team in the poll.
As impressive as all this is, as I watched the OU/Texas game from the Georgia press box, I kept telling myself that those offenses would not be doing that in the SEC. I kept recalling Alabama smothering Texas Tech's 50 point a game offense a few years ago in the Cotton Bowl. Certainly, there is great concern in Knoxville and on the Plain, but I'd still put Bama, Georgia, Florida and LSU on the field with anyone. Certainly with Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State....