Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Jing and the Yang

Look, it was bound to happen. Tiger was caught. Not by Phil or VJ, Ernie or Paddy...not by Sergio or the latest Spanish matinee idol. No, it was Yang. Yes....the dreaded 36 year old Y.E. Yang, which means "Tin Cup" in Korean. And this is OK. Because now we've got all off season to look forward to The Masters. And make now mistake, the golf season is over. Bring on the Pigskin! Tiger will stew all winter, come out next year, at age 34, golf prime, win the Masters and talk of a natural Grand Slam will ensue.
As for what all this means to "World Golf", slow down, Jim Nance! This win by "Tin Yang" is great copy. I mean, 36 years old...didn't pick up a club until he was 19...found out he could play at a local driving range...good stuff! But this will no more begin an "Asian invasion" in golf than Isao Aoki did back in the 80's. Keep in mind that Tiger is 1/2 Asian himself; his mother of Thai decent. Finally, there already is an Asian invasion in's called the LPGA....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bird of Another Feather

"Hide your Beagle, Vick's an Eagle"? Only in Philly! There are several curious aspects to Mike Vick becoming a Philadelphia Eagle. Let's start with the fact that they have one of the top QBs in the league in Donavan McNabb, and a couple of years ago drafted the air apparent on Kevin Kolb. In fact, McNabb was so angered by the Kolb pick that he reportedly wanted out of Philly. Plus, they've got Jay Feeley, the definition of a back up QB. Add to this the fact that it was McNabb himself who lobbied for Vick, and it does seem rather odd. Now Mcnabb says this is good for the team, and that may be true, and good for Kolb. That's definitely NOT true. What is true, is that Vick may be in a perfect place to resurrect a career that was teetering BEFORE we learned he was involved in heinous dog fighting activities. Remember Ron Mexico? The Water Bottle? Philly runs a system he knows, and McNabb may be the best possible mentor this side of Tony Dungy. As for Dungy, is it crazy to think that he may be he next coach of the Eagles if Reid were to bail, or be bailed, in the next couple of years?
As for Vick himself....crime committed, time served, move on. That's the way we roll in America. Screw up again, and you are banned for life. As for the concerns of PETA...shut up already!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Easy, now....

So the PGA tour is going to fine Tiger Woods for busting on Official John Paramor for putting Woods and Padrig Harrington on the clock when they fell 17 minutes behind the pace during Sunday's final round at the World Golf Championships. First of all, the rule is stupid. They were the final group, holding up no one. And it was an epic golf battle. Who was complaining? Tiger's comments were spot on.
What I question here is the wisdom of the Tour fining the only guy who defines the tour. The only guy the golfing public cares about. The only guy who single handily moves the needle. When he's there, people watch. When he's not, they don't. If the Tour comes off looking petty here, and they would, what stops the Tiger in the Room from just staying home. Really, at $100 mil a year, who needs who more? Now, I'm not usually a guy who advocates the tail wagging the tour, but if it's Tiger's tail......Besides, what can you possibly fine the guy? Here's a better the rule. Tiger's temper tantrums are wrong...he's right here...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How's that Feel?

Maybe I'm overly sensitive to this issue since I was born a raised a long suffering Browns fan. Like the Houston Oilers, the Browns last championship glory came in the early 60's. And like Oiler fan, Browns fan put up with some awful football for some fleeting good times in the 70's, 80's and 90's....and then the owner jerked the team away on us. Now, both Cleveland and Houston got pro football back (sort of), but at least Browns fan doesn't have to watch someone else wear their gear! How do these images play in Houston? Can you imagine seeing your beloved colors and logo in someone else's town? The Oilers should still be Houston. And the Titans should be in Nashville. the NFL "Retired" the Oiler name and gear when Houston returned to the should stay that way. When an owner decides to move, then you leave it all...including the history. Bills or Vikings fans will understand as well, when the next owner jerks a team out of a football made town...