Monday, December 1, 2008

Next Urban Meyer....or Mike Shula

Some say Mike Hamilton panicked with the hire of Lane Kiffin to be the Volunteers 22nd head coach...that he comes cheap and easy. I say, "Not so fast, my friends". Lane Kiffin may be short on head coaching experience with nothing but a miserable tenure under a miserable owner in Oakland, but look at the entire body of work. At USC he was a tireless recruiter and the offensive coordinator of an outstanding team. A team that doesn't run the Arena offenses of the Big 12, but a pro style offense found in most of the SEC. Speaking of pro style, he also brings the father of the 'Tampa Two' defense, and, ironically, his own father, Monte Kiffin who will take an already very good unit and make it better. And, maybe Coach "O" as in Orgeron as well. Orgeron had tremendous recruiting classes at Ole Miss, and got that job off his reputation as a recruiting with....USC. Polls are showing Vols fans to be split on this move...but many are just stuck in the Fulmer mud of the past few years...embrace this guy, Tennessee fan; I think you've got a winner here!