Friday, February 27, 2009

What's a Haynes-Worth?

So it is done. Albert Haynesworth is no longer a Tennessee Titan. And now the chants of "Cheap Titans" will begin anew. But let's look at history. A lot of history. Who was the last Defensive Tackle credited with leading there team to a championship...go ahead, start now and I'll give you till.....ever? Every position on the field is important, and clearly, a tackle of Albert quality improves the entire defense. But just as clearly, this is not a spot on the field that dramatically changes the end fortunes of a team. Sean Rodgers to Cleveland...Pro Bowl, no playoffs. Kris Jenkins to the Jets...Pro Bowl, no playoffs. Jared Allen, an end and previous holder of the "Highest Paid Defensive Player" title, to Minnesota...Pro Bowl, one and done in the playoffs. So this is clearly about the Benjamins for Big Al. Washington was already cap strapped, and they aren't going anywhere. The Titans got to around 11 mil a season, probably 30 plus guaranteed, and weren't in the conversation.
Finally, take a look at the final four in the NFL this season. The Raven found a QB and had the best back 7 this side of.....the Steelers. In the NFC, the Cards and the Eagles rode the wings of hot veteran quarterbacks to the title game. Albert got paid, the Skins got a great defensive tackle, and there fans are no closer to a title than they were at 11:59 last night...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What About Al?

So the game of Chicken has reached a new peak. Albert Haynesworth and agent Cliff Speak have allegedly said, "We'll see what the market will bare". And you know someone will come up with crazy money. Are the Titans being cheap....or shrewd? Haynesworth has been the game's most dominant tackle for 2 seasons now....2 contract seasons. He has told me, repeatedly, "Wait till I get paid!", implying that the better years are still ahead, under the cloak of financial security. But history shows it doesn't usually work that way. History also shows that these men, who toil in the most violent of environs, generally have a couple of huge years and then several steady ones. Has Big Al had his Big years? Fair question. What has surprised me is the indifference of so many Titans fans. They remember 5 pedestrian seasons. They remember the Stomp. They remember the 25 year old fan from Brentwood, in the hospital having had to have a hip replaced after being run off the road by a high speed Haynesworth. And they remember what it was like to have a job...or if employed, the prospect of a raise. Titan fan is in no mood for Athletes who turn down 9 million a year for 4 years...even if it is "below market value" for the player. Good luck, big fella. Say hello to Eddie George and Steve McNair on your way out...

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Dawg Has Landed!!!!

Why is every one so upset! We're coming back stronger than ever....well, sort of! Starting on Monday, February 16th, The Thom Abraham Show will debut on Sportsradio 560 WNSR in Nashville and 103.9 FM in Central Kentucky, covering Bowling Green, KY, Noon-3p central time. We'll also be doing some stuff on various ESPN Platforms....more on that to come! I am very
pleased to be able to return to the air in Nashville and to continue to be streamed here at More importantly, much to the chagrin of all these guys, I was stunned at the number of supportive e-mails I received from listeners and sponsors alike! And that was only from those that found me since my old corporate e-mail address was killed about 15 minutes after I got the word they were shutting us down! Man, those guys are efficient....or something... Chris Ladd, formerly of The Phil Valentine Show, will be producing the show and we even have an 800 number (888-702-5494) for those of you outside the 615 area code to get in. Many of the same suspects will be joining us as we welcome in a whole new midday crowd, and hopefully many of the original Junk Yard Dogs! Thanks for you Patience and we'll talk to you on Monday!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Didn't see that comin'!!!!

On Friday morning, I learned that Cumulus-Nashville had made the decision to flip the fan to all network programming. The reason given was tough economic times. These were issues that were much larger just my corner of the building. The show had done very well financially, and was awarded AIR Awards for Best Afternoon Drive show and Best Talk Host in the market. Alas, a corporate move was made and many good people in the building were left scrambling. Luckily, I have been blessed with a ton of support in the market and the region and, God willing, we'll be locked and loaded sooner than you think. Please check back on Monday for exciting news of where the show will land, and how you can jump back into the DOGHOUSE. In the meantime, feel free to contact me at Now, I believe the Junkyard Babe is calling my name! See you all soon!

Monday, February 2, 2009

With All Due Respect...

Santonio Holmes' game winning catch in Sunday's Super Bowl will be a moment frozen in time. Right up there with Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone and David Tyree's circus job last year. But really, now, Ben Roethlisberger was the definition of 'Most Valuable Player' in Super Bowl 43. This Big Cat had more than 9 lives, continually extending plays until his receivers came open. Completing over 66% of his passes, for 256 yards, he accounted for all but 34 of his teams total yards. With no running game to speak of, Big Ben became a legend in front of our eyes.
As for the Steelers, they can claim "Greatest NFL Franchise" status. After 40 years of futility, Pittsburgh has won 6 championships in the last 34 years, claiming Super Bowls in each of the last 4 decades. That's roughly a title every 5 1/2 years. The Bears of the 40's, Browns of the 50's, Packers of the 60's all were dominant for a time, but the Steelers have endured the longest. All hail the Steelers....