Monday, June 28, 2010


I tried, like many other Americans, to jump on this World Cup Soccer bandwagon. I looked away from the flaws of a game that originated Rugby, then American Football. But truth be told, this game is a perfect example as to why they cut the bottom out of the peach basket in basketball...and built indoor ice rinks...and stopped filling golf balls with feathers. Evolution was good to soccer...the fact the a large portion of the world wishes to remain stuck in the past does not change the fact that their are flaws in the original game. Think of it as New Testament v. Old Testament, if you will.
The bigger question is, where does US Soccer go from here? We all acknowledge the drama of Landon Donovan's goal to win the Group, only to lead to ouster at the hands of a small African country. Now for the reality check...the winning of the group was accomplished how? By tying England when Robert Green botched a routine save, then coming back from 2-0 to tie a country the size of Houston, TX and then breaking a 0-0 tie, in something called "Injury time" against Algeria. So winning the group or finishing the slimmest of margins...So when you listen to all the soccer apologists talking about how proud we should be of our effort, think about that simple blown save above and ask yourself; really?