Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Drama...

TNT's slogan is "We Know Drama". Well, drama was on full display Sunday on TNT, NBC AND ABC! Dale Jr.'s dramatic win, on TNT, may just provide the push he needs to make a real run at a first NASCAR Championship. The drama was in the fact that had he not gotten that last caution, he would have run out off gas on the final lap. Of course, it wouldn't have been a question had it not been for the second last caution. The drama was enhanced by listening to the in car radio as Tony Eury, Jr. cut him loose with 2 laps to go and he roared past Kasey Kahne, who, naturally, drives the Budweiser car that Jr. made so famous.
Then it was ABC's chance to provide the drama as a hobbled Tiger Woods saved his one dramatic moment of the day for his 73rd shot, a birdie on 18 to tie the affable, lovable, goofball underdog with the funny name and 70's belt buckle, Rocco Mediate. The only thing that deal lacked was a sudden death overtime to finish in the gloom of a San Diego sunset. Something right out of Bagger Vance. Monday will be like watching Rocco get a root canal...or will Walter Mitty pull it off?

For the nightcap, the Lakers once again blew a lead, only to come back and win and prevent the hated Celtics from partying in Westwood. Paul Pierce is about the only Celt that wanted that, since it is his hometown, and he did everything in his power to make it happen...but this party will be a Garden Party...the only question is, will it be Tuesday or Thursday night?


Cardinals Chuck said...

Is there a more overrated 'athlete' in all of sports tahn Dale Earnhardt Jr. The only bright side of him actually winning is that we get to see him butc her the English language. Way to ride your Diddy's coattails!

spark MAN said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one to wonder what was just said every time Dale Jr. gives an interview. As usual, the NASCAR race allowed for some good nap time in the recliner.

The U.S. Open was AWESOME.

butc her said...

Yeah, and the only thing worse than Jr butchering the English language is someone writing a post about him butchering the English language and typing words like "tahn" & "butc her".

That's the very reason he's so popular. He's real, not a clean cut puppet like Kurt Bush or Gordon. Last I checked he is still the "top dog" at HMS - so by comparison Johnson & Gordon must be WAY overated??? Don't be a hater!
P.S. If ever there was an overated driver it was his "Diddy". He just knocked everyone out of the way and NASCAR allowed him to pull any kind of stunts he wanted. Jr's his own man - he does it clean.
I've always said that Ironhead Sr did one thing good - he raised a good boy!

Cardinals Chuck said...

He's real eh? How long had it been since he actually won a race since a few weeks ago? It would be like Jon Kitna being the most popular NFL Player. Hater? Just because I point out the obvious I'm a hater? I'm not going to get worked up over this because after all- It is just NASCAR.