Friday, February 27, 2009

What's a Haynes-Worth?

So it is done. Albert Haynesworth is no longer a Tennessee Titan. And now the chants of "Cheap Titans" will begin anew. But let's look at history. A lot of history. Who was the last Defensive Tackle credited with leading there team to a championship...go ahead, start now and I'll give you till.....ever? Every position on the field is important, and clearly, a tackle of Albert quality improves the entire defense. But just as clearly, this is not a spot on the field that dramatically changes the end fortunes of a team. Sean Rodgers to Cleveland...Pro Bowl, no playoffs. Kris Jenkins to the Jets...Pro Bowl, no playoffs. Jared Allen, an end and previous holder of the "Highest Paid Defensive Player" title, to Minnesota...Pro Bowl, one and done in the playoffs. So this is clearly about the Benjamins for Big Al. Washington was already cap strapped, and they aren't going anywhere. The Titans got to around 11 mil a season, probably 30 plus guaranteed, and weren't in the conversation.
Finally, take a look at the final four in the NFL this season. The Raven found a QB and had the best back 7 this side of.....the Steelers. In the NFC, the Cards and the Eagles rode the wings of hot veteran quarterbacks to the title game. Albert got paid, the Skins got a great defensive tackle, and there fans are no closer to a title than they were at 11:59 last night...

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