Friday, April 10, 2009

I Like it, I Love it....

Look, I don't know how this season is going to end up, but for heart and grit, you've got to admire the 2009 version of the Nashville Predators....not the '08-'09 Preds, just the '09 part! Since the All-Star break this team has the 3rd best record in the Western Conference and continues to battle back, night after night, to win games they seem out of. At one point this season, the Preds were the lowest scoring team in the NHL...yet, in the last 21 games they've had 10 games of 4 or more goals! And every time you count them as dead...they rise from the ashes for another 2 points! Will they finish the deal and make the playoffs? They need help on the final weekend of the season to do it, but if they do, don't count out this being the year they move beyond the 1st round in the playoffs.

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