Friday, January 8, 2010

Who Knew? What Next?

Almost 3 years ago to the day, Nick Saban was announced as the Head Coach at Alabama....for a ridiculous sum of 32 mil over 8 years...."My God, that's 4 mil a year!" was the shrill heard around college football. And 3 years later, he brought a National Championship to Tuscaloosa, beating a coach making 5 mil a year. 3 years ago this spring, he opened the doors to the spring game and 92,000 people showed up (left). Greg McElroy (then #17) and Roy Upchurch (5) were among those left behind by Mike Shula. The Student Assistant to the right of Upchurch is my at Middle Tennessee. The brutal fact for the SEC is that Nick Saban has gone 26-2 the past two years with 2 Mike Shula QBs, and a roster dominated by Shula recruits. Guys like Javier Arenas, who no one really offered, and Rolando McClain, who was going to Alabama no matter who was the coach. Saban brought in Ingram, and Richardson and Jones and a Mountain named Cody and so many more that are waiting to step in. He has cemented himself, for now, as the best in the game, although it didn't look like it in the 1st quarter of the NC game. Taking the ball, fake punts at your own 20, no one catching a kickoff...who were those impostors? But you saw Saban football in that final drive of the 1st quarter, and with all due respect, Colt McCoy doesn't play defense. Florida St. did it, Miami did it, USC and Florida did it, and now Alabama will do it...they will hover around the top of the polls, a national Championship threat, for the next several years...unless Saban decides....well, let's no go there now!

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