Monday, May 10, 2010

Enough Already

OK, we get it....everyone now understands that Chris Johnson, seasonal resident of Nashville, wants more money than he originally agreed to play for. We all know he's going to make "only" $550k in 2010 and although that is cheap for the best back in the league, let's look at it as 8 mil. for his 1st 2 seasons...does that make everyone feel a little better? As for you CJ, did anyone tell you we had one of the biggest natural disasters in US history here last week? How about coming to town, helping out you buddy VY in raising a few bucks, maybe go to practice, and show you care about something other than your "measly" paycheck? Yeah, I know, its all about the biz....well, some folks here aren't hearing you now since, you know....THEY DON'T HAVE POWER, A RADIO OR A TV! Just sayin'....

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