Thursday, July 8, 2010

Awful or the American Way?

So I guess the thought of LJ roaming the end zone for the Browns is pretty much dead? My first though is, "How dare he jump to a sexier town with better players"! Second thought is, "This is Chris Bosh's fault! He goes to Cleveland, LeBron stays!" My third, and maybe most reasonable thought is, "This is the American Way, why should the King without a Title not be able to move and work where and with who he likes?" As for his legacy, I think he takes a major hit here. He is running to a situation that is contrived to win, not lifting a franchise and a city, a la Jordan in Chicago or Kobe post Shaq. But isn't this what Shaq did, leaving Orlando without a title? Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen joining Paul Pierce in Boston? Those guys also fall short of the Kobe/MJ comparison, but they're all Hall of Famers. So LeBron, you now fall into that category, and Cleveland, well, you're still a Browns Town, so get behind the Big Show, the Mangenious, Colt and the boys and forget about the last 7 years...LeBron has...

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