Monday, May 5, 2008

Big Brown and the Lady

Big Brown broke strong from the 20 gate to capture the Derby in stunning fashion...and Eight Belles just broke down. In the aftermath of a historic win in which Big Brown did what no horse had done since 1929, all eyes were focused on the front stretch where Eight Belles had collapsed from what looked like was a heart attack. With two broken ankles, she was put down marking the first fatality in 134 Derbys. I know the animal folks will be out en masse on this one, but the fact is, about 2 horses die per 1000 races on dirt tracks around the world, but this one was in front of the biggest audience of the year. As for Brown, this horse has to be a favorite to win the Triple Crown now, after such a dominant effort on Saturday. And it would be a nice homage to the Philly who gave all to run second at Churchill Downs.

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