Monday, May 19, 2008

Maybe not Bird and Magic, But.....

It may not have been Larry Bird and Magic Johnson but Sunday's duel in the Garden between Paul Pierce and LeBron James was a classic. Pierce, after toiling so many years on bad Celtic teams now has Amigos 2 and 3 and no excuses. LeBron, the self proclaimed King James, laboring without a Prince or even a Duke; just a bunch of Court Jesters, yet carrying this group to the edge.
James' 45 really wasn't all that surprising. In fact, in a pitiful sort of way, it was almost expected. In the second half, he was the ONLY Cavs starter to score, other than Delonte West's measly 4 points. Pierce, on the other hand, seized the moment. Surrounded by the likes of Garnett and the ever disappearing Ray Allen, the archaic, yet useful PJ Brown and an emerging Rajon Rondo, he was not about to let this pass. Not if he wanted that #34 hoisted to the rafters someday. He showed true Celtic pride. But will it be enough against the Blue Collar Pistons? Or the Lakers, Spurs or Hornets? We'll know soon....hopefully before the football season starts!

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