Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will the real Jay Cutler Please Stand Up?

Jay Cutler; battered, beaten, tough, canon arm, taking his team beyond their natural ability... Jay Cutler; whiny, prima-donna, thin skinned, needy....Jay Cutler; cut, dieseled, ripped, canon arms, needs to pee in a bottle, but junk shrinkage prevents...Three Jay Cutler personalities, but only two Cutlers...and one Bus Cook. That the Jay Cutler/Josh McDaniels story is still in the lead at every major sports web site is a story in itself, but one has to wonder, how did this get to this point? Does Cutler the QB really think he's above being traded? NFL history is filled with hall of Famers who were traded in there prime...and Cutler the QB is nowhere near a Hall of Famer yet! So McDaniels took a shot at getting his guy. So what? They turned over the offensive staff. So what? The new sheriff is only a few years older than you. So what? You are 17-20 as a starter. Something has to change. Show up, show off your arm, prove again that your the man! Then go bench press the upper deck of Invesco Field...oh, wrong Jay Cutler....

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