Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fishin' for Trouble

Jeff Fisher has opened himself up to some good natured ribbing coming up on Monday, June 15th, at the Renascence Hotel in Nashville for the annual Cumberland Heights Friends Roast. Dubbed the "Fish Fry", you can attend the event for $150 with all proceeds benefiting the Cumberland Heights Treatment Center. I am honored to be amongst the roasters including Chris Mortenson and Merill Hoge of ESPN, former Titans great Frank Wycheck, The Zone's Mark Howard and Channel 2's John Dwyer. A mystery roaster is also scheduled to appear, along with some video roastings.
The Sporting News recently listed Fisher as the 4th best coach in the NFL, behind only Belichick, Coughlin and Reid. Pretty heady stuff, but it does make you wonder about the state of coaching in the NFL. The newbies that took top jobs last year did a tremendous job; Harbaugh, Smith and Sparano, all taking their teams to the playoffs. And we may have a budding star in the desert with Ken Whisenhunt...but look at the Super Bowls sitting at home right now. Holmgren, Gruden, Shanahan and Cower! I believe all 4 of those guys are back in the league next year...and the list will have a different look. In the meantime, Jeff Fisher may have avoided being speared by a marlin in Guatemala last week, but he's sure to be skewered Monday night!

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