Monday, July 27, 2009

Why we play the Games

It's all about the smile. OK, focus on the smile in the MIDDLE. This is what sport, in it's truest sense is all about. That's my 2nd oldest son, Tommy, beaming with mom and dad. The trophy is from the season finale tournament of his U11 travel team, the Diamond Rattlers, won over the weekend. The ball is a game ball off a 6 for 7, 9 RBI day, and the actual ball he sent over the right field fence to brake open an 8-6 game in the final inning. After he had his moment to brag, I guided him to the comments of Tim Tebow and winning with humility, as stated in the Bible. Not sure how that will work out, but for one moment, all the travel, all the practices, all the expense and all the weekends burned at the ballpark were set aside. For that smile. That's why we love sports. That's why we compete. Hopefully he hasn't peaked!

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