Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Jing and the Yang

Look, it was bound to happen. Tiger was caught. Not by Phil or VJ, Ernie or Paddy...not by Sergio or the latest Spanish matinee idol. No, it was Yang. Yes....the dreaded 36 year old Y.E. Yang, which means "Tin Cup" in Korean. And this is OK. Because now we've got all off season to look forward to The Masters. And make now mistake, the golf season is over. Bring on the Pigskin! Tiger will stew all winter, come out next year, at age 34, golf prime, win the Masters and talk of a natural Grand Slam will ensue.
As for what all this means to "World Golf", slow down, Jim Nance! This win by "Tin Yang" is great copy. I mean, 36 years old...didn't pick up a club until he was 19...found out he could play at a local driving range...good stuff! But this will no more begin an "Asian invasion" in golf than Isao Aoki did back in the 80's. Keep in mind that Tiger is 1/2 Asian himself; his mother of Thai decent. Finally, there already is an Asian invasion in's called the LPGA....

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