Friday, August 14, 2009

Bird of Another Feather

"Hide your Beagle, Vick's an Eagle"? Only in Philly! There are several curious aspects to Mike Vick becoming a Philadelphia Eagle. Let's start with the fact that they have one of the top QBs in the league in Donavan McNabb, and a couple of years ago drafted the air apparent on Kevin Kolb. In fact, McNabb was so angered by the Kolb pick that he reportedly wanted out of Philly. Plus, they've got Jay Feeley, the definition of a back up QB. Add to this the fact that it was McNabb himself who lobbied for Vick, and it does seem rather odd. Now Mcnabb says this is good for the team, and that may be true, and good for Kolb. That's definitely NOT true. What is true, is that Vick may be in a perfect place to resurrect a career that was teetering BEFORE we learned he was involved in heinous dog fighting activities. Remember Ron Mexico? The Water Bottle? Philly runs a system he knows, and McNabb may be the best possible mentor this side of Tony Dungy. As for Dungy, is it crazy to think that he may be he next coach of the Eagles if Reid were to bail, or be bailed, in the next couple of years?
As for Vick himself....crime committed, time served, move on. That's the way we roll in America. Screw up again, and you are banned for life. As for the concerns of PETA...shut up already!

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Joey Bag-a-Doughnuts said...

I couldn’t said it better. Is society trying to punish him or take away his passion. I have a very obscured way of looking at this. So bare with me for a second. If the comish said sorry Vick no more football for you. Would society then be satisfied. I think so or until they see him succeed in some thing else. Let say he were to take up painting and some how for some off the wall reason his work became worth millions (very far fetched I know but just go with it) would society then want him to not be able to sale the work.

I am a vick supporter … I want to see him succeed … he has paid his debt and I believe once some one has paid his earthly debt we need to leave it in Gods hands and he can take it from here. Let the man punish and do what he sees fit.