Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Look, I know Jeff Fisher has a great sense of humor. At his off season roast, he handed Merle Hoge a Vince Young jersey and quipped, "Picked it up on the way over...there was plenty of 'em and they were on sale!" That was funny, given Hoge's anti VY stance. But the key there is OFF SEASON. That's the kind of stuff you do then. Not now. Not at 0-6. Not two days after they had to replace the scoreboard lights under the "Home" sign in New England. Can you see Lane Kiffin putting on a Alabama jersey..."Wanted to know what it feels like to be #1!"...or Barry Trotz sporting a Red Wing jersey..."Wanted to know what it felt like to win A PLAYOFF SERIES!" Wade Phillips putting on a Redskins jersey..."Wanted to know what it felt like to suck!"...oh, wait, bad example. But you get the point. This was a terrible decision...from a guy paid to make great decisions. Sorry Jeff, not a great way to start the bye week repair job.

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