Monday, October 19, 2009

Snow Job

They tell use not to play the "Blame Game". Well, how about the "Responsibility Game". The ugliest 4 letter word in sports is QUIT. But they say nobody quit out there...but facts are stubborn things and this team played like a factory worker who is starting a vacation next week...Now here's the painful part. I like Jeff Fisher. I think he has been a tremendous coach and most all who played for him respect and trust him. But he is now 0-6 after being 0-5 three years ago. This is unprecedented amongst coaches of his tenure. Cower, Holmgren, Gruden, Shanahan, even the hated Brian Billick were never 0-5...once, much less twice. Tony Dungy lost his 1st 5 games as Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and then the rest was history. All of those men won at least one Super Bowl; Shanahan 2. And they are all unemployed now. Some; Dungy, Cowher, Holmgren, of there own hand, although Dungy was let go in Tampa. The rest all asked to step down. As I said earlier, facts are stubborn all we have left...

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UT Randy said...

THOM, THOM! The TITANS are aweful! The EXCUSES! One after the next after the NEXT! I Like Coach Fisher, but COME ON! This is unacceptable... VERY CLEAR... we have a second rate (C class team) with "C" class leaders, coaches, players, owners... "C" class pride.
I should have known when the city was in HUGE trouble when we watch our ESPN radio affiliate and the ONLY THING enjoyable about afternoon drive time (your show) aprubtly taken off the air and the channel start playing "in the hood, on the down low rap music!"
It AIN'T getting done... and sadly the Preds are following right behind them, Vandy is... "Lane.. (UT) is trying... thank god for Basketball Season, YES both men and women's games... THANK GOD but this so called "Pro" team try IS a disgrace to Nashville/Tenn.Face it... we are not a NYC, Dallas.. Atlanta.. just not! I am a owner of 4 PSL's... have been since the team played at Vandy... in Nashville year one. This is hard to take... what are guys like me suppose to do... sit back... watch this type of "average is ok" attitude... and WORSE, they aren't even average. Average is easy... making "C's" are easy... this squad is a miserable failure when it matters... which of late is a lot of the time! PLEASE!!! I am OVER IT! Sick of it! Wasn't last season the playoff loss enough for us? The Super Bowl was heading through Nashville... but NO... can't do that... I tell ya.. I am out... Go Brett, Drew, Peyton... UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!