Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well, here we go again. All he does is win. Call is the "Comeback on the Cumberland" or the "Drive for Five" and in win number 5 in a row...or "The Oh My! by VY!"....OK, lets not call it that...whatever it was, it was special. Only the "Music City Miracle" was a more special moment at LP Field that the final 2 minutes of that game on Sunday. And with Young throwing for 387 yards, no INTs and one titillating, game winning TD, it is time to ask, have we seen enough? Enough to turn this team over, once and for all, to Vince Young. for this year, next year and until he fails over an extended period of time. Vince has bought himself a bad outing without ridicule, not that one seems to be coming anytime soon. The most important numbers from Sunday are 4 for 8. That's Young's rushing line. And none of those were called runs. Mike Hiemerdinger has provided VY with a tremendous plan, and Young is executing. How well? VY managed to push an NFL record 6th straight 125+ yard effort by Chris Johnson to second fiddle status. Johnson finished with 154 yards, featuring a 85 yard TD run that, at the time, seemed to put the game under control for the Titans. That feeling lasted about a minute as LaRon Stephens-Howling brought the ensuing kickoff back 99 yards...and just helped set the stage for the Vinsanity....

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