Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here we go again!

I have received many e-mails concerning the show not being on 730 WUMP in Huntsville again, and hopefully, I can address many of you right here. It's there call. I made some inquiries as to what was up, but, as is often the case, the devil is in the details, and I really don't have all the details, nor have a desire to know all the details. I do know that the syndication that we had embarked on was moving slowly, like everything else in this economy, and the show was a bit clunky for the guys in Huntsville to manage...technical stuff. Also, the individual who really pushed to bring us back there is no longer there, and that may factor in as well. I do know that the decision was ultimately made in Atlanta, so I don't feel my blood is on anyone's hands in Huntsville. In any event, there was concern about what the future of the show would be, so they felt it was time to bail out. I appreciate the time we had on the air there, and wish everyone the best, as always. I also love you listeners down there and remind you that you can stream the show at www.thomabraham.com, and listen on several phone base apps as well...in the meantime, we'll just keep doing what we do!

PS-Curb Record AIR Awards will be announced Friday. We are hoping to defend our 2008 award for "Best Afternoon Drive" show and "Best Talk Host" in Nashville award. We are also a finalist for "Best Midday Talk" show, so this could be interesting. Next year, we're shooting for "Best Graveyard Shift Talk Show"...just kidding on that one!


Steve, Huntsville said...

AM 730WUMP in Huntsville Sucks. Everyone in Huntsville that "still" listens to this station need to seriously Boycott. We demand more from our Local "Authority" on sports. The afternoon Guy, the one and only (and get this ridiculous name) Johnny "Ballpark" Franks is Terrible too. His Voice is like nails on a Chalkboard. Have to listen to Finebaum when JBF is on the air... sadly.

Tommy said...

If they had to replace your show, they could have done better the Scott van Pelt show. he is a former golf analyst for ,TGC he does not know sports. Listening to his show is like watching paint dry. Rock on Tom, I will always follow you.

rob said...

Thom,we are going to miss you down here,these clowns running WUMP wouldn't recognize great sports talk if it bit them(Ex:Franks)this is 3 hours of radio hell,the people covering him during the holidays were more interesting.Do us all a favor Franks and quit.if anyone has a brain at WUMP,they would bring you back.thank GOD for sirius nflradio! Good luck Thom in syndication.