Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hey Bud, Really?

OK, I supposed at first that this could be a fake, but the report is being generated by Jim Wyatt, highly respected Titans Beat Writer for The Tennessean, and even though I can't get those guys to get my delivery straight, I still trust them. This was the first of TWO double barreled salutes the 86 year old Titans owner fired at the Buffalo Bills sideline during the Titans/Oilers 41-17 thumping of the Bills. The second came ON THE FIELD as time ran out. WITH THE COMMISSIONER IN ATTENDANCE!
Now some of the players think this is cute, even funny. And Bud will gain a certain measure of "Street Cred" in the locker room. Assuming this wasn't fired at Jeff Fisher for not getting Vince Young in the line up sooner, or to his own team for blowing the first month and a half of the season, or at my co-host Brad Hopkins for saying he didn't even get a letter after he retired, this is incredibly crass! If those same players let the double birds fly on the field, how much would the fine be? 10k...20k...50k per bird? I'm not sure, but I do know that a few years ago, one bird cost Jake Plummer $5,000 and Mike Vick got $10,000 for the putting the twins up to his OWN crowd...But what do you hit a guy who owns half of Texas with? I mean, the Titans are worth a reported One Billion dollars, and Adams paid $25,000. Clip him for an oil field or two? In any event, if the league has any credibility, he needs to get hammered for it. My only question is....WHY, Bud?

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Titans Thommie said...

Class act organization from the top on down!