Sunday, February 28, 2010

Well, If Not the US....

Let me make this perfectly clear....I was pulling for the USA as hard as I've ever pulled for any team I squeeze for, in any sport, in Sunday's Gold Medal game against Canada. That having been said, this is infinitely better than letting the Swedes, or Czech, or the other Czechs (Slovakia) or, God forbid, the Russians run off with the Gold. And the manner in which the Americans battled, scoring with :25 left to send it to OT, peppering the net, Ryan Miller standing on head, and the poster boy for the NHL, Sid the Kid getting the winner, made it OK...sorta....Would be having a sleepless night if that was Ovetchkin...but the Canadians? Well, they're kinda our cousins....we drink their beer, catch their fish, and how could we have an Egg McMuffin without Canadian Bacon? Plus, this is their thing, this thing of there's. And can you imagine the turmoil this would have caused throughout the great white north? No, this is OK, let them have Gold, we'll take White Gold....besides, we've got a World Cup to win in South Africa this summer! Now that would be a "Miracle on Grass!"

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