Thursday, March 25, 2010

Urban Decay?

So Urban Meyer blasts a reporter for correctly quoting a player? Urb, you're coming unglued...get a grip, man! Look, Urban Meyer is one of the brightest lights in college coaching history, but if he is ready to throw down, during spring ball with a reporter who accurately relayed a comment a player made in a question and answer period....then maybe he was right in January. Dude needs some time off. The comment in question was when Florida receiver Deonte Thompson referred to new QB John Brantley as a "Real" quarterback, as opposed to the free lancing Tim Tebow...We all know what he means! It's not as if he took Tebow's name in vain or anything...just paying the new guy a compliment. But that was too much for Urb. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We've got a game to play in 162 days, dammit! See the video here, about half way down the page...complete with comments from some of the south's finest sportswriters.

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