Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Greatest Shot that Never Was

So what if it had gone? Really? It would have been the greatest championship game ever! In any event, it was pretty damn good, and you have to wonder if it may be trend setting. Or maybe just a glorious blip on the radar. Two private, great academic schools...no "One and Dones"....maybe not even NBA'ers....Great team defense...Upperclassman all over the place. Not the most athletic game you ever saw, but great competition none the less. It is what make college basketball so great. Also, make no mistake, the absence of the "One and Done" player on the grid iron is a big part of the success of college football as well. As for this game, I was never buying the "Hoosiers" theme; this Butler group was just too good all year. But what better place to have it unfold than in the Hoosier State?
And one final note...I am soooooo over "One Shining Moment"! And if they do expand this thing to 96 teams....that deal would STILL be playing!

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