Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Anti-Tiger

Only Sports in general, and Golf in particular, could give us this story. If it wasn't real, you think it was some corny ABC Afternoon Special. On the weekend that the man who has thrilled us and became the biggest sports star of all, only to drag our sensibilities through the mud as we learned that his life was a lie, returned to the hollowed turf of Augusta National, something poetic happened. The Anti-Tiger rose to take center stage. Always maligned as not athletic enough, not competitive enough, the happy go lucky, sometimes choking guy with the pretty wife, Phil Mickelson showed us what a real man is. You see, Phil looks like he's gotten in shape, and when given a chance to choke, he was clutch over and over again. And the pretty wife is battling breast cancer....again. And so is his mom. And all this guy, who clearly adores his wife and is dedicated to his children, does is scrape it around for a bogey free 67 on the final day to win.
As a golfer, Tiger continues to he carved a 69 out of that mess Sunday is simply stunning. Woods looked like he was filming an episode of "Being John Daly"...yet he ends up 4th. But this Masters will be defined by two moments. One, a 27 minute Saturday masterpiece whereby Lefty shaved 5 shots from par over three holes....The second, a tearful hug with the woman he loves. He'll never win 19 Majors, or hold all four Major titles at once, but Phil Mickelson is a type of champion that Tiger can never be....

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