Monday, April 26, 2010

So Close!

I know this deal is not done yet, but it sure feels like. Now I'm one of the most positive people I know, but 13 seconds from being someplace the Predators have never been? And on the Power Play? Marty Erat, who was great coming up with a couple of goals Saturday, just needs to keep the puck down low, with :30 left in the game, and the Blackhawks goalie pinned in the net, and the Preds come home looking to close out Chicago...the centering's all very painful...the bottom line is, the preds can't place blame anywhere but on themselves for this meltdown. They gave up a shorty late, and then still had 3:41 on the Power-less Play to start the OT...inexcusable! The good news is that this has been the most resilient team I've seen in many years; remember the 3rd period debacle in San Jose and the resulting win streak? I hope to see history tonight in the Stone...

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