Sunday, February 3, 2008

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Happy to be so totally wrong about Super Bowl 42! So many story lines in what may be the biggest upset ever. SI's Paul Zimmerman said the Giants would win if they could put pressure on Tom Brady...Boy, did they put pressure on Tom Brady! Everyone told the '72 Dolphins to shut up and go know what? They finished the deal! Is it the biggest Super Bowl upset ever? Vote in the poll at right. None of this makes sense, but the Giants were the best team tonight. The play made by David Tyree and Eli Manning on the winning drive may be the greatest clutch play in Super Bowl history. But the big story was the 18 times Brady hit the turf. At the end of the night, the Patriots dfense played well enough to win this was the high flying, record setting offense that couldn't get it done. Did someone once say "Defense wins championships"? A caller last week reminded me that the highest scoring team in the league, has never won the title. That the QB with the most TDs, never won the Super Bowl. That the QB with the most yards, never won the Super Bowl. I ignored my early sense, and said, "Tom Brady has never lost the Super Bowl." Until now.


Titans Rob said... was a great upset, but it wasn't the biggest in Super Bowl history. I mean, just 5 weeks ago these two teams played to a 3 point game in the other direction. The Jets had NO CHANCE to beat the Colts back in SB III. The AFL was considered vastly inferior to the NFL back in those days, and the victory by the Jets over the Colts solidified the AFL. They finally belonged. Last night was a great game, but I can think of 5 upsets from College FB this year that were bigger than that one last night.

Archie Manning has super swimmers said...

The difference is that this is the NFL. The reason this is the biggest upset ever is simple... Long ago, when these two leagues began playing each other, it was inevitable that the AFL would eventually catch up talent wise, it just happened sooner than expected. You can see it today in college football. Large schools pay small schools so that they can "grease the wheels". But how often do we see the scores in those games go from 51-10 in year 1, to 24-7 in year 2, to 24-21 in year three... Thats why those contracts are only a few years... Didn't Alabama lose to La Monroe this year? 21-14 if I recall... Last year the Tide beat that same team 41-7. And dont even bring up Big Blue...
The point is, everyone was so sure the Pats would win... Sure they barely pulled that one in week 17 out... But they also pulled one out against the Ravens... Who lost the only game the Dolphins won. This is 18-0... This is Tom Brady... This is Super Bowl Sunday... This is Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin... This is a TE who no one had barely heard of making a huge play to put them in position. This was a wide receiver with 4 catches on the year making two of the biggest catches in history.
One word describes this game. EPIC. This was the thing of legends... This is ESPN classic, 20 years from now.
The Jets had a chance to beat the Colts that year. Thats why they suited up. Thats why they were there. The Giants were in the same situation... Except with a big 0 staring back at them. The number of times a team had beaten the team they had to play this year... Everyone would have been fine with them losing. Hey, they gave it their best... But what can ya do? It's the Patriots... Its the best dynasty of all time, right?
EPIC. The Patriots showed all season that they "didn't belong" in the same class as everyone else. The giants showed the world that they did. How is that different???