Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Effect of the "Cause"

How many people are still upset at the NBA for the "Brawl"? How many of you were appalled to see Roddy White flash a Free Mick Vick t-shirt as he celebrated a touchdown? Even if you SUPPORTED Vick it was still a blow to his PR...Well instead of shaking our heads and moving on, only to be offended by the next misguided young man or woman, why don't we try and see where it starts?
One of the little things swept under the larger scandal of Kelvin Sampson; was the young men on the team not only issuing threats of not showing up to practices with their new coach, but also showing support for their former coach on their shoes. A former coach mind you found guilty of doing the same thing at two separate universities! We need people to step in and say, "Hey, I know he supported you, loved you, coached you. But he was WRONG, and to support his actions is WRONG"...Yet we wonder how a Ron Artest comes about, well how about just getting them while they are young. Unfortunately, we cater to these young stars BECAUSE of their celebrity status, where we need to be as tough if not tougher in how we deal with these young stars....BECAUSE of their celebrity status.


Ben IS Smyrna said...

I do believe that (mind you, I'm wrong all the time and could be now, though I don't think I am) Rocky the Antagonist is actually right for once. Usually his ideas end up making him sound a bit like Jar-Jar Binks in my ears. However, he's right this time. These kids need to understand that just because he was good to them doesn't mean he didn't break the rules. Over 500 times. Over two seperate occasions. These kids need to be reached now, not after another YouTube video of another arraignment in a Raleigh night court. Rock... save this comment, take a picture, show your folks... 'cause it won't happen much- Good Job By You!

Rocky said...