Monday, February 4, 2008

New York, New York

January, 1969. I was 8 years old. And this image made me cry. I was born into the NFL and there was no way that a team from the Minor league AFL could beat a juggernaught like the Colts. 13-1 in '68, they had hammered my beloved Browns 34-0, in Cleveland, to win the NFL Title. It was of little solice that the Browns had handed the Colts thier only loss that year. The AFL was a joke, and now thier champion was the World Champion.
And then, this. Oh, don't get me wrong, I preferred a Giants upset, and a week ago was trying to get my arms around it. But in the end, I saw 49ers-Chargers, not Jets-Colts. So in an ironic twist, the team with the long standing NFL pedigree, was the huge underdog. The Patriots, of AFL heritage, seemed unbeatable with Tom Brady in the roll of Johnny U. But it happened again. The team from New York authored once again the Big Upset. Maybe even sothing some of the wounds from the Bloody Sock of 2004...Maybe not. But some 8 year old in Boston was crying last night. It's what makes sports matter...


Rocky said...

Growing up IN a Jets household I can only say the video of wooly Joe in slow motion on the field still gives me chills. It was a moment that was never forgotten by the ones who told it, nor was I to forget it whenever talking about the game. To rank the memories would be an injustice for me as I can remember in 1986 another NY-Boston upset...A gold glove first baseman on a powerhouse team did the unthinkable...he let one go through his legs! Seems that pro-sports may hate the Dynasty of the Yankees and Patriots...but we as fans across the nation need them. We need these teams and the rivalries that have developed!

Good Shtuff Dawg

Bama Zack said...

The greatest comeback of all time was when Bama came back to Ark this year.

Anonymous said...

Broadway Joe! Great post Thom.

Interesting take.

I hate Boston sports. Glad to see their fans suffer. Classless bastards. I hope Bellicheat gets suspended for a year.


Timmy Bones (NY, NY)

Anonymous said...

yeah the more 8 year olds crying in boston the better