Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rocky's Rant: Who's in charge over here?

Well here we go again, another day full of coverage about who may or may not have used a substance that may or may not have helped their performance...No, this is not a Clemens apology...Clearly anyone who used HGH used it for purposes of longevity, to extend careers and get more innings or at-bats. The overwhelming amount of mediocre players in the Mitchell Report (see Nook Logan) show that. But once again, we have no real fingers pointed at the man in charge, that would be Bud Selig last time I checked. Now, here is what we know about Selig...1) he is a former owner appointed by current owners. 2) He has made these owners a lot of money, even if the sport itself has not made money, and is beloved by the only people who can remove him. So, the only people who can truly remove or at least come down on Selig besides MLB is Congress. Instead what we see is a mockery of both the sport and our "leaders" in Congress!

If we have no credible means of finding out if these idiots injected stuff in their bodies, then at some point we are going to have to move on...put an asterik next to it fine, keep these same idiots out of the HOF? I'm ok with that if that's what veterans want. But Selig's irresponsibility, his role as Dr. Frankenstein in creating this monster, is just as serious an offense as the injections themselves. Maybe WE should be writing our congressmen...

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Anonymous said...

how about Pettitte today, mann did he sound honest...seriously.

Im right with you Rock, Selig et al need to be called to the carpet, this is just outrageous, Waxman needs to assert his authority, if he actually has any, and get the powers that be to answer some David Cone-esque questions...did the owners cover this all up as their pockets got fatter??? did Selig know about it???

its the questions Rock........