Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hypocrisy or Just Good TV...

Well look who's making their ESPN debut tonight...Everyone's FAVORITE bad guy Bobby Knight...The man who made his legacy off the court with tirade after tirade, mostly directed towards the media, is kicking off his coverage of the game he so dominated way back when. I think it comical that of all stations ESPN would hire him, as they have been overly critical of Knight and barely covered his retirement. The snub of press coverage he has received over the last years of his career is proof positive. Which brings me to the 1 point I want you to take home...The one thing Ben Is would even agree on with me! This is all a sham...It's for lack of a better term BS. Look it's so clear, this station has spent the past 5 years either bashing or ignoring the man who finished his career as the best. They rarely focused on any achievement on the court, except of course a new tirade topping the last belligerent outrage...So ESPN is hiring this dude simply for the shock factor...for the Rush Limbaugh factor. That is what Bob Knight has become, a gimmick. Oh don't worry, you will get some analysis but this is the American Idol of NCAA Coverage. I wonder if we would be holding such high standards to John Daly if he were as successful as Bobbo was...I for one will have the TV on mute.

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