Sunday, March 2, 2008

Who Knows?

UT loses to Vandy then squeaks by Kentucky, Memphis struggles with Southern Miss, UNC struggles with BC, Duke struggles with NC St. and UCLA has to hold off a sub .500 (in PAC-10) Arizona. So you tell me who's number one? Maybe Kansas, who avenged a loss to K-State...or not. The key will be, which 4 are number in number 1 seeds in the Big Dance. With so much parity, I don't see any of these teams mailing it in during their conference tourneys, which is good for the fans. But not so much for the teams themselves who can be susceptible to upset in the really big tourney. All I know is that the Madness is here, and if this past weekend is any indication, we're in for A HECK OF A RIDE!

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