Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The nature of our sport, America's sport is this: The MLBPA is examining possible collusion against Bonds and others, but namely Barry Bonds. Bonds is yet to be hired for his guns 1 more year as he continues his *Assault on the history books. Now the Union is going to claim foul play because nobody wants to play ball with Barry...Boo Hoo. I find it very hard to bite the bait on this one that we should feel sorry for him. The union hasn't named anyone else they feel has been mistreated by the owners yet, and my guess is they wont. This is about Bonds and their agenda...Don Fehr has mentioned he is OK with the future punishments handed down by Bud Selig to all players mentioned in the Mitchell Report. So Don is cool with any punishment handed down as a result of this document, but cant accept punishment handed down by owners to Bonds, as a cause of the same document? If we cant prove he took roids let's just come out and say it, but to backtrack in the name of hypocrisy just exposes the union for flip-flopping. Too bad Fehr hasnt used this as an opportunity to remain silent and actually call a bluff from Ol' Buddy Selig on this so called "punishment".

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Anonymous said...

I hate B. Bonds. I love that SF has ripped down his "Chasing Hitory" banners off the outfield fences.

Baseball is a joke. The MLB doesn't really care because attendence is up. The history of the game is shot and its become a quick fix.

I would love someone to force Mark McGwire to speak up on all of this.

Baseball = joke.

-Timothy Bones