Saturday, March 8, 2008

Why Not?

Let's see...born and raised in Kentucky, starred at Alabama, stuck in Seattle who just signed TJ Duckett and Julius Jones. Mix in the fact that Titans GM Mike Rienfeldt came over from the Seahawks and is very familiar with Shaun Alexander...kinda seems like a no-brainer to me! Look, I don't know what all the money ramifications are, but you don't go from MVP to BUM in two years. Alexander is young enough to resurrect his career in a new surrounding. Jamal Lewis had over 1300 yards for the Browns last year and a 4.5 yard average...yeah, he's washed up too.
Alexander could get back to the southeast, play on natural turf, and provide some serious veteran leadership for the Titans new look offense. The Titans have the cap room...and this is one deal that would make sense.


Trey Boro said...

Chris Henry is going to be an amazing back. Give him some playing time and a little more experience and The Titans will be able to run the ball great. They should Let White eat as much as he likes and use him as a red zone Back like The Steelers used the Bus. Maybe call White the Ice Cream Van!!
As for Alexander sure he would be great to have but Hes all about Show Me The Money and His Toe Hurts him too much!!!

Anonymous said...

Nooooo way to Shaun Alexander. He is in the Dallas stage of Eddie george's career. If he still had it the wouldn't be looking elsewhere. I used to love Shaun but he's done. Chris Henry I don't believe is the answer either. Titans best bet is take a stud in the Draft, Jamaal Charles of Texas, or I can't spell his name correctly but the kid Mendenhall or something out of Illinois. Then they have a back to compliment LenWhale.

Chris / Antioch said...

Mike Reinfeld has done a good job with the bargain pickups, but if Alexander still thinks he's worth 28 TDs per season money (or anywhere near that actually) I say you pass this one up. I think that Chris Henry has not even been given enough reps yet to call him a bust, and Lendale surprised me last year with his efficiency. If you throw a prime rib in the endzone he might run for 2,000 next season. But honestly if you can't bring in a cheap back to challenge Henry for the #2 job, or find one in the 3rd-5th Round of the draft, then something's wrong with the scouting.

John in Smyrna said...

Sure if we get him cheap!!!!!!!!