Sunday, April 27, 2008

Now that the Pacman Jones question has been answered, it's time for the Titans to focus on FOOTBALL and once again, they have produced a curious cast of characters in the draft. Chris Johnson may be Eric Metcalf reincarnated. Kick returner, slot, wideout, I-back who can turn the corner...a true multi-weapon. This guy had not one, but TWO 400+ all purpose yard games including the Hawaii Bowl win over Boise St. He also had a 300 yard rushing game during the season. But not too many had him a 1st rounder. However, I'm a big believer in getting your guy, if that's your guy. Now the pick of Jason Jones in the second round was a head scratcher in that no one had this guy earlier than the 4th round...but again, he seems to be an athlete of "Freakish" physical proportions.
The one I'm most intrigued by is 4th rounder William Hayes. The Titans traded up in the 4th round to get to this guy....who no one, including the NFL itself, thought would be drafted! Ever! He has great speed for a big guy, but did nothing before last year and had to go 1-AA because he had no grades. But I defer to the coaches and scouts and somebody will look like a genius if this works out.

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Bengals Ben said...

Wow what a horrible draft. The worst in the NFL & it wasn't even close. Trey Wingo even called Jeff Fisher out on some of their horrendous picks. Must be even worse that the Titans didn't take Thom's boyfriend Limas Sweed. And to make matters worse Bama didn't have 1 player drafted. Wheaton & Coastal Carolina did but Bama didn't. You mean with all of Nick Saban's skills he couldn't turn one player on that roster into one of the 252 best players in the country?