Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock Chalk or Choke Tiger?

I'd love to talk about the epic comeback for the Jayhawks to win their first National Championship in 20 years. And Mario Chalmers did go all Super Mario with is last second 3 to sent the game to overtime, and, essentially, forcing the Memphis Tigers to win the game twice. But, truth be told, this was an epic choke job...Jean VanDeveld at the British...Chris Webber's TO...Norman at the Masters...that kind of choke. And this goes straight to John Calipari as well. We were lulled into thinking that Memphis had the free throw thing licked. But pressure does funny things to a stroke. And then, up 3 with :10 to go in the game Cal needed a TO and he needed to set up the foul at mid court. Play tough defense for a few seconds and then put a Jayhawk, any Jayhawk, on the line. Make them bring the ball up twice to beat you.
In the end, Memphis may have been too good for there own good. To many blow outs in a weak conference, and then they got on a roll in the tourney. They had done it all...except have to come up big in clutch situations. So now "Danny and the Miracles" adds Super Mario to Kansas hoop lore.


spark MAN said...

Jim Nantz proved why Gus Johnson should be their #1 play-by-play guy with that stupid, ignorant, contrived "Rock Chalk Championship" line at the end of the game. Pathetic.

Rocky said...

Spark man you pretty much nailed it!

Nantz is the WORST...maybe ever. If he cant go into his personal stories about drinking with Phil Mickelson then he is lost. Bum.


You spent 90 percent of your post talking about Memphis...Yes they LOST the lead with 2 mins left, but free throws WIN games, they dont lose them. Kansas deserves ALL the credit in the world, Self out coached JC for the entire game. Kept his kids composure intact and always kept his team in the game...He knew his personnel on the floor at all times and most importantly in the last 2 mins took advantage of every mistake JC made...Free throws are such a non-factor in THIS loss, don't be blinded by mainstream takes, if you examine this team for the entire year it was not a factor. Every other game they played this year it was not a factor.