Monday, April 7, 2008


"The Predators were life and death down the stretch to make the playoffs for the fourth straight season. The bigger question was whether anyone in Nashville noticed."-Scott

And he likes the Preds! I know I'm excited! But will those outside the building catch Preds fever? What would an upset of Presidents Trophy winning Detroit mean to this franchise? Will the community jump on the bandwagon in a fashion similar to the Titans Super Bowl run in their first season as Titans? Will Hard Core Preds fans try and kick Bandwagon Fan off the Bandwagon? As for the product on the ice...I really don't think this is a group that anyone really wanted to see in the first round. Resilient, tough and with no expectations. If the Red Wings are looking for an easy out....FORGETABOUTIT. As they say in NASCAR; "You'd better reach up and pull those belts tight" but this one's going 6 or 7 games!


Rocky said...

I hate to play devil's advocate, but I do play one on the here it goes. Why? Why cant we show up and wave white shirts or towels every night? Why did it have to come down to the end of the season for us to come out in large numbers? Why did we come out in full force and make it known this team is for real...yet couldnt make the minimum attendance for the season. I LOVE watching this team and due to my hours of work I havent made it down enough, but let's just step back and put it all in perspective...You really want to show support for THIS year's team? but tickets for NEXT year's team.

(and some place called the Bronx as well...)

Eric said...

i will have to say, thom, that scott burnside has never shown me any side to himself that makes him seem like he likes the preds.

if you were pulling sarcasm, i just don't see it due to it being text on the internet, but burnside's columns at not only bash the predators, but bash nashville as a whole.