Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is Ole Miss Nutts?

What's that old saying about "Another man's garbage"? Houston Nutt, out at Arkansas, in at Ole Miss? Really, not a bad deal for Ole Miss! They'd take 75 wins over the next 10 years. They'd take an occasional run at the SEC West Division crown; something they've never done. But was this Nutt's best option? What about the Bayou? Oh, Les is still there. Nebraska? Pitt? Oh, Wannstadt's still there. The pressure is on now at Arkansas to come up with someone to give them a better shot than Nutt did after they insulted Nutt with a 2 year deal. I hear Ed Orgeron is available...

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Anonymous said...

In a letter from New Ole Miss coach to old LSU coach-
Dear Les,
Thank you for sucking so bad. You got me a new job at a school that has almost no expectations! I was really afraid I was going to actually have to start coaching real football for a second. Good Luck with the Big Blue!
P.S.- Saban is still better than you!