Monday, November 19, 2007

OK! We give! Can we have the NFL back now...?

Look, Bill, you can have the tapes whatever you want...put a coach on the opponents sideline if you want...just stop the scorched earth hell you've unleashed on the NFL. 10-0 is one thing, destroying everything in you path is a bit much!

Good to see the Cleveland Browns get un-screwed for once. I'd love to know what was said in referee Pete Morelli's ears when he put those headsets on and was told he couldn't review Phil Dawson's game tying field goal. Browns have the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL...even Romeo can't screw this up....can he?

We've all assumed Dallas is the class of the NFC, but it may be time to take another look at the Packers. Assuming Ryan Grant can get healthy, the Pack have enough of a running game to compliment Brett Favre's renaissance season. We'll find out in Dallas a week from Thursday on the NFL Network....which means most of you will be reading about it the next day!

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fishingdude said...

The Hoody will not stop until everyone's in the NFL bleeding from their eye sockets. He's like a petulant child out of control. "They caught me cheating huh? Well, I'll show everybody..."

If The Hoody throttles his "Good Friend" Dick Jauron 56-10, what do you think he's going to do to Eric Mangini and those Rats the NY Jets when they come to Foxboro on Dec 16? It's going to get uglier my fiend.