Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a Diference a Month Makes...

On the 3rd Saturday in October, Philip Fulmer and the Vols looked lost, and the Crimson Tide had justified the $32 mil it spent ripping Nick Saban from the NFL. Since then, the Vols haven't lost, and the Tide haven't all. Alabama woke up on October 21st 6-2, with a bye to get ready for LSU. Tennessee was 4-3, and ready to wave bye to Phil.

The Vols are now on the way to Atlanta and Alabama is hoping for a trip to Tennessee...maybe Memphis or Nashville for one of the "Appetiser Bowls".
Vols fans are left to wonder, "What now? Keep the course with Coach Fulmer and maybe win one of these titles?" Or, is it a false sense of security? And in Tuscaloosa, fans are wondering, "Is this year's 6-6, with now wins in November and a 7 point loss to Auburn better than last year's 6-6 with no wins in November and a 7 point loss to Auburn?"
One thing is for certain...nothing in the SEC is for certain. When I walked out of Bryant-Denny Stadium one month ago, having witnessed Alabama's 41-17 beating of a heartless Vols team, the furthest thing from my mind was...UT will be playing in the Championship game, one win away from the Sugar Bowl and Bama just won there final game if the season...

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