Sunday, November 11, 2007

Perfect Storm a Comin'

Well, look what we have here! Ohio St. trips on the way to Ann Arbor and now almost everyone who matters is a one loss team! Don't talk to me about Kansas and Hawaii, because I'm not buying into that one bit! Right now, LSU and Oklahoma are the two best teams in the country and may be on a collision course. And then there's Oregon. Now a case could be made for the Ducks as the top team in the land and the PAC-10 has been pretty solid this year. However, what bothers me most is that those guys will be sucking on a Latte, or whatever they do up there, while Oklahoma and LSU are beating there brains out in a Conference Title game against another top opponent. That's a problem for me, and I hope it keeps Oregon out if it comes down to those three teams.

In any event, this gaggle of deserving teams can only push us closer to some sort of a playoff down the road.

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