Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Mr. Steinbrenner, I've come to my senses..."

Say what you want about A-Rod, but New York really is his only option. I don't mean financially, though that may be the case, but historically. How can a player who's only desire in the world is to be known as "The Greatest Ever" leave the Yankees without a ring and a plaque in Monument Park? Look, if Alex Rodriguez had never had played in New York, it would be different. But he did, so it's not. If reports of a 10 year, 275 mil deal are true, A-Rod and Scott Boras cost themselves a few bucks by "opting out" in the first place, and the cynic in me would say he did it to let the Texas Rangers off the hook, and make the Yanks pick up the full tab. But in the end, this is about ego and the chance to win. And the biggest winner in this deal may be Hank Steinbrenner.

Steinbrenner basically said, "Bring me the 3rd baseball, not the agent" and the 3rd baseman obliged. The Yankees and there fans were emotionally ready to move on, and now the guy they thought never wanted to be a Yankee says he really does. No really, really does. Please? Mr. Hank....please? "My wife even threw away the 'F-you' t-shirt!" That's all Yankee brass and Yankee nation needed....a little groveling. Welcome back, go work on those pop-ups and make sure Jeets doesn't have to range to far to his right....

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