Sunday, January 27, 2008

Billion Dollar Madness

Quick: Who is the head coach of the Washington Redskins? Right, I don't know either, but I do know who the offensive and defensive coordinators are: Jim Zorn and Greg Blache.

As said in Blazing Saddles: what in the wide, wide world of sports is a-going on here?

Has Redskins owner Daniel Snyder learned nothing? Despite what Cowboys owner Jerry Jones might think, you do not, I repeat, do not hire the assistants before you hire a head coach. Not only did Mr. Snyder independently hire the team's top two assistants, he is working on the rest of the coaching staff, sans head coach.

Memo to Mr. Snyder: make a decision on your head coach already! He has talked to everyone under the sun, including Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Mr. Snyder talked to not-so-heir-apparent Gregg Williams (a former Titans defensive coordinator) four times - four times - before throwing him out with the bathwater. Additionally, former Giants coach Jim Fassel interviewed for the gig, but came away saying he felt manipulated.


There is no logic to defend Mr. Snyder's decision-making. He has essentially neutered any head coach he hires, not allowing the new coach to implement his philosophy with his guys. I am sure Mr. Snyder would not approve of someone doing to him what he is doing to his coach-to-be.

I will never question Mr. Snyder's desire to win. He wants to win...badly. But in his desire for success, his meddlesome methods have created chaos and confusion.

Mr. Snyder is a very, very successful businessman, but that is what he is, a businessman.

Leave the football decisions to the football people.


Anonymous said...

Every skinnies fan I talk to is extremely pessimistic right now. The loss of Sean Taylor "the person" may have subsided, and now the loss of Sean Taylor "the franchise player" is starting to become realized. Also, Gibbs few years proved useless. The quarterback situation is still up in the air, though Campbell has shown signs. I think they should go after McNabb.

The rich billionaire owner who thinks they know sports is a dangerous one.

What makes an owner a good owner? A good coach a good coach? Great players!

Anonymous said...

By the way, that last post was brought to you by Tim Bones (NY, NY)

Rocky said...

Thing is Shaff brought the real issue to light. Snyder is the cause of this. I can remember every year since they got Deon Sanders, it was the same thing year in and year out. Go out and spend big money on names but unlike Jerry Jones, Snyder almost prefers incompetence (I know Gibbs is immortal but these past years? come on) around him and they lose. Look at the stretch the skins had of not making the playoffs and look at every "big name" free agent they brought in the year before.
its so clear to me...this team just doesnt get it, losing Taylor hurts big time but what can you do. Would love to hear our resident GM on this and how an owner like Snyder will kill your squad every year. If I am a Skins fan i'm seriously looking at routing for another team next year...