Wednesday, January 23, 2008

She Said What? About Who?

ESPN anchor Dana Jacobsen got loose at the Mike and Mike in the Morning roast on January 12th and is just getting called on the carpet for it now. The fact that ESPN dragged it's feet on this is a complete discussion on it's own...the fact that nobody has been talking about it until now is appalling! What did she say?
After coming to the podium swigging Vodka, she took on the Alma Mater of Mike Golic...with Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis in the crowd. "F...Notre Dame! F...Touchdown Jesus! F...Jesus!"
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? She's not talking about Jesus Alou here. We're talking King of Kings...Lamb of Lamb...Feeding the masses with a loaf of bread and a fish Guy! Word is that Jacobsen is a Jew, but what does that matter? Do you really want to temp THAT GUY?
And this slides under the radar? What if it was F...Tiger? Fired! Or F...Mohammad? A Fatwa for sure! You think ESPN and the media would be all over this then? And where was Weis making a stink? For that matter, where is REVEREND Al Sharpton and REVEREND Jesse Jackson on the warpath? Is race a bigger issue than Jesus for these men?


John In Mt Juliet said...

Heard this on your show and as a Catholic I am a tad bit upset by Jacobsen's comments. But I am much more disturbed with ESPN for not firing her immediatelly.

Jimmy "The Greek" was fired for something far less offensive. Mel gibson was not given a pass for being drunk when he made disparaging comments about Jews.

ESPN and it's parent Disney are disgraceful corporate citizens and do not deserve my patronage. Sorry to say Thom that will include your station and your show unitl ESPN show backbone and fires Jacobsen.

spark MAN from Huntsville said...

I'm Catholic also, but I have no problem with ESPN not firing her. First of all, when she says F* Jesus, that affects all Christians. Second, when she says F* TD Jesus, that's a shot at Notre Dame, not the Church. It was dumb of her to say, and if she would have said it on an ESPN broadcast, then sure, fire her or suspend her longer.

With that said, it's odd that Michael Irvin, who has a sickness called drug addiction, can be shunned by ESPN, Rush Limbaugh can say something semi-controversial and get fired(AFTER he was told by the producers to say something controversial), but Dana says what she says and gets a week off. She should be lucky the Catholic Church and/or Pope Benedict doesn't issue fatwas.

Panthers Pete said...

News Flash: Not everyone believes in Jesus or god & not everyone is a christian. Why in the world would Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson get involved in this? They are civil rights activists for the black community. You people kil me. Whenever someone gets offended by something it's always 'You're too sensitive' or 'Enough of this political correctness crap' but now that the shoe is on the other foot you're suddenly all up in arms over it. If someone had said 'F-Allah' or 'F-Buddah' I doubt seriously that you would have spent as much time on it. Again not everyone gets all wrapped up in this christian, bible-beating propaganda. You're the same people who didn't think that Don Imus should have been fired yet you're demanding that Dana Jacobsen get canned. How hypocritcal. Just remember, not everyone cares about Jesus.