Friday, January 4, 2008

Moment of Truth...or Just a Moment?

Many are pointing at Vince Young's playoff debut Sunday as the moment of truth for the Franchise Quarterback. After all, he shines on the Big Stage, right? Didn't he single-handily beat Michigan and USC in the Rose Bowl? On the same day? Well maybe not that part, but clearly this is what the Titans had in mind when they drafted him out of Texas two years ago. Before we get too carried away, lets check the facts...yes, Vince is shuffling off to Cali once again, but this is San Diego, not Pasadena, and he'll do it with out his top two receivers and his starting tight end. Half of his completions for the entire season won't dress his center, Kevin Mawhe hasn't been healthy in weeks, and the Vince himself has a bum wheel. I know it sounds like excuses, but facts are stubborn things. If he pulls this one off, someone better go to Reggie Bush's house and rip that Heisman he stole in '05!

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Conductor Trey Boro said...

Vince Young is our man here in Tennessee. He might not get it done Sunday against The Chargers but all of us here in Nashville need to give Young some time!!! Give him a couple of stellar WR's and when this team heals up Coach Fisher and our team will get it done for all of us in Tennessee!!!

Its K.V.B Time