Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Major Decision

Major Applewhite grew up an Alabama fan. His daddy named him after Bama star Major Olgivie. But a funny thing happened on the way to playing for the Crimson Tide....they didn't want him. With no offer from Alabama, Applewhite headed for UT....no, not that UT, the burnt orange of the University of Texas. Applewhite was a record setting QB there, and then lost his job to a kid named Simms. And whenever Chris Simms faltered it was Applewhite to the rescue. He was/is a beloved figure in Longhorn country, and now they may get him back. Offensive coordinator at Alabama to running backs coach at Texas? Well, what if it's 'Assistant Head Coach'? Mack Brown won't be around for ever, and Nick Saban is just settling in at Bama.
Applewhite has to be careful to not be viewed a coaching mercenary..Texas would be his 5th stop in 5 years, but, as a wise man from Arkansas once said of his Alma mater..."Mama's callin'"....

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