Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Can we do this again....with USC and Georgia!

Yeah, this BCS thing works great! Two things were certainties this bowl season...USC would run Illinois out of Pasadena and Hawai'i didn't belong anywhere with the Big we got 8 straight hours of blowout, non-competitive football on New Year's night. We were left to daydream about a true heavyweight battle, like USC-Georgia....with the winner to play the Ohio St.-LSU winner for all the marbles....but hey, the Rose Bowl got their Big 10-PAC 10 game!

Best Games
Florida and Michigan put on quite a show, with the Wolverines playing their best game of the season. The Michigan D put continued pressure on Tim Tebow which proved to be Superman's Kryptonite. The real surprise was the ease with which Michigan moved the ball. Hart, Henne and Manningham never looked better. It was very odd to see Rich Rodriguez on the sideline, wearing his Michigan gear. I wonder how those West Virginia kids felt seeing that with a game yet to play in the Fiesta Bowl tonight? Pretty low and thoughtless on RR's part.
Texas Tech got over on Virginia in a game no one saw...on TV or in person, based on the crowd shots. How is it that Nashville can sell out the Music City Bowl in a matter of minutes and the Gator Bowl, on New Year's Day and with all that history, is half empty? Tech got a late gift from Virginia and won it on a last minute field goal.

Vols get 10
Congrats to the Vols for getting their 10th win of the season with a gutsy win over Wisconsin. Eric Ainge redeemed his SEC Championship Game performance and the defense played well. Both teams overcame shaky play calling in the Red Zone to keep this game close. Gerald Jones is a bonafide Star in the making and UT's challenge will be to come up with ways to get him touches. If Lucas Taylor gets his act together, what was a weakness for the Vols coming into this season (receivers) with be a strength in '08. Jonathan Crompton is ready to take over the controls at QB; now Tennessee has to shore up that defense.


Anonymous said...

Riddle me this. To say Hawaii & Illinois didn't deserve to be in those games means that 2 others would have had to be there. That being the case who should it have been? Illinois & Hawaii deserved BCS slots but the matchups should have been different. A Hawaii-Illinois Sugar Bowl would have been good as would a USC-UGA Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl curmudgeons chose tradition over a good matchup.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that Illinois and Hawaii do NOT belong in these games. They aren't in the same class as teams like Georgia (In my team, maybe the best team in the SEC this year) and USC (PAC 10 or not, they still beat the best teams they face, only to lose to Jim H. and the Cardinal) These teams are products of a bad system. A playoff would have exposed both of these teams in the first or second round. Boise St. last year seems second rate in the class of upset, when you look at what Appalachian St. did. Many teams can fake it for a while. Look at Kansas and USF... Some teams will make it through the year "Perfect"... That does not put them in ranks with the best though. To be the best, you have to play the best. (Which is what makes the SEC with 9 teams, the best) Give me a reason to watch a Bowl Game again... Then maybe I will.

Conductor Trey Boro said...

Hawaii?????!!!! Nice win Georgia fans but USC when they are healthy like they are now would send you all home feeling like you just got done competing with Mark Mangino in an eating contest at an all you can eat Buffet!!!